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Practical experience with Diplexin S-100 as a 1:1 substitute for sodium sulphide flakes


Diplexin S-100 is used in industrial wastewater treatment for the precipitation of complexed metals.

As a liquid product with the same concentration and mode of action, Diplexin S-100 is a real 1:1 alternative to sodium sulphide 60-62% in dry flake form. Crystallisation does not occur with liquid Diplexin S-100 despite the high concentration of active ingredient.

Practical experience from the printed circuit board industry shows that the redox reaction is faster and the targeted value can be reliably maintained, in contrast to what is known from sodium sulphide flakes. A range between -350 mV and -450 mV proves to be optimal to achieve a final concentration of < 0.1 mg/l for copper.

Same concentration and identical mode of action as sodium sulphide flakes with the simplest handling as a liquid, ready-to-use solution without additional dust and gas generation to protect personnel and optimise work processes.

Many companies have now successfully tested Diplexin S-100 and introduced it immediately. The advantages of the liquid delivery form of Diplexin S-100 clearly undoubtably.

Diplexin S-100 - more than just an alternative!

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