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RESIN-Clean EXP-3/M-V2 - Highly efficient special cleaner
Replacement of Dimethylformamide (DMF) - Cleaning of flame laminating rollers


The EU further restricts the use of dimethylformamide. The tightening of the regulation creates considerable problems with regard to the marketing, production and especially the use of dimethylformamide (DMF).

DMF is used, among other things, as solvent for numerous polymers. According to the REACH Regulation, the substance is classified as toxic to reproduction category 1B, acutely toxic category 4 (inhalation or dermal exposure) and eye irritant category 2. DMF alternatives that allow a direct 1:1 substitution of dimethylformamide in the current application are hardly found on the market so far.

A processing company from the textile industry was therefore faced with the task of solving or removing the polyurethane impurities arising during the flame laminating process with a high-performance product that is free of CMR substances.

The highly efficient special cleaner RESIN-Clean EXP-3/M-V2 developed by Färber & Schmid for this purpose fully meets these requirements and, after application-specific tests, convinced the customer and is now successfully used as a DMF substitute.

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