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Technology days at Daimler in Beijing China

Färber & Schmid and their exclusive China representatives, HSO Shanghai, held two official information events with the Daimler company on the 1st and 2nd of November 2018.
The subject was current and future developments in electroplating technology and modern waste water treatment.

The latest developments in modern electroplating coating technology, as well as the associated necessary waste water treatment and the special chemicals and processes from F&S suitable for these purposes were at the heart of the talks and intensive expert discussion. In particular, increasingly strict permissible limits for heavy metals in China, as well the massively increased treatment costs are causing huge problems for many businesses.

Technical process support from Chinese waste water specialists on the ground as well as regular support from Head Office specialists has been very well received by Chinese companies, and the waste water products and processes developed by F&S have proved very convincing in this extremely demanding market.

In many cases, the overall costs of the waste water process could be significantly reduced while simultaneously complying with all relevant parameters.
The collaboration between HSO-Shanghai and F&S in this area can be regarded as a complete success! Thanks to this success, the team structure China has been reinforced with more technical specialists, so that all customers can continue to receive fast, professional support and expert problem solving.

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