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Polyurethane Solutions Expo 2019

PSE Stand

Successful participation of Färber & Schmid at the PSE 2019 in Munich!


For the first time Färber & Schmid GmbH participated at the PSE in Munich in March 2019. The extraordinary interest of already existing customers as well as of many potential national and international companies was very high!

There was a lively exchange of experiences about already successfully implemented problem solutions in the industry.

Just as interesting were also the new contacts which could be made at the attractive stand of F&S. The numerous trade visitors from Germany, Europe and the whole world showed great interest in the innovative and sustainable solutions.


Special attention was paid to the label-free cleaners and solvents. The environmentally and employee-friendly products are an excellent alternative to the products used today, some of which are still acutely toxic.

From Färber & Schmid's point of view and in retrospect, participation at PSE 2019 was a complete success!

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